Our Team

Khushbu Mistry

Owner/Project Planner

Khushbu Mistry is the founder of Mistry Weddings and Events. While attending Wayne State University, she majored in marketing and has used that to propel her towards making her dream of planning weddings all over the world a reality. Despite obtaining her wedding planning certification in 2015, Khushbu has been an engaged member in the industry for upwards of 6 years. In this time, she has worked for prestigious wedding planning companies, including Michigan, Florida, New York, New Jersey and one of her favorites, the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. She also served as principal coordinator for the only international bridal show in Michigan, Runway Bridal Detroit!

“My one and only goal is to ensure infinite smiles :)”- Khushbu Mistry

Ramya Chinni Mistry Weddings

Ramya Chinni

Marketing/Bridal Coordinator

Meet Ramya! She's our marketing and bridal coordinator of Mistry Weddings and Events. Her passions include social media, event planning, and chocolate. These passions translate well into her job making her a very dedicated member of the team. Ramya has worked on several events Mistry Weddings & Events as well as executed a couple on her own. Her background includes various elements from advertising and marketing to office culture to media publishing. Her motto is “Done, done, done” which means that we get things done thoroughly. “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” -Walt Disney -Ramya Chinni

Clarissa Carvalho Mistry Weddings

Clarissa Carvalho

Logistics Coordinator

Clarissa Carvalho is the Logistics Coordinator of Mistry Weddings & Events. Her expertise encompasses all event categories, from Sweet Sixteens to Weddings. She is a certified event planner since October 2015 and continually strives to stay up to date with the latest event fashion and trends. Clarissa holds an extensive background in Advertising, Spanish Language and Culture, Office Management and Customer Service. With a passion for “happily ever after” and avid attention to detail, Clarissa is sure to make your special day one of the best memories of your lifetime!

Abhiraj Narsinghia

Behind The Scenes Photographer

Abhiraj Narsinghia is Mistry Weddings & Event’s behind-the-scenes photographer. Responsible for visually documenting the process, Abhiraj passionately captures the planning and execution of each perfect event. With 7 years of experience, he has been exposed to many different type of events and scenarios, making him the ideal man for the job. His meticulous obsession to detail and spontaneous creativity results in a nostalgic set of photos unlike any other. In his free time, he is a motorcycle enthusiast and likes to day dream about the quintessential café racer.


Neil Kochar Mistry Weddings

Neil Kochhar

Business Advisory

Neil oversees and advises on all business operations at Mistry Weddings & Events. Neil's background includes, but is not exclusive to, business planning, business strategy, business communication, and organizational development. Neil has worked with a variety of organizations and companies in several of these areas to implement and catalyze growth. In his free time, Neil enjoys playing sports, spending time with friends and family, and over enthusiastically playing with his dog.

Siri Sarvepalli Mistry Weddings

Siri Sarvepalli

Bridal Coordinator

Meet Siri! She’s our Logistics Coordinator! She’s majoring in economics at Wayne State University and is planning on attending medical school next year. Her true loves in life are cheesecake, elephants, and dancing. Along with these, Siri loves event planning! Though not the focus of her education, she has organized several large shows and formal events for various student organizations. She also loves meeting new people and learning about their story. “The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters.” - Audrey Hepburn